Industrial Safety

NJ Required Course 5

2 credit hours


This course satisfies the requirement for 2 hours of training in Industrial Safety for Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Licensees and all license applicants.

Who Should Take It

Who Should Take this Course?  While required for Licensees and Applicants, it serves as a refresher for all employees of the workplace safety standards that must be followed by all employees and that we all bear a responsibility to call out unsafe practices. 

What Is Covered

Refresher of safe and not so safe practices for working in the trade.

8 ways to take this class:

Industrial Safety

2 CEU hours On Demand


  1. Industrial Safety 2 hr class

Industrial Safety

NJ Required Course 5

2 credit hours


This course satisfies the requirement for 2 hours of training in Industrial Safety for Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Licensees and all license applicants.

Who Should Take It

Who Should Take this Course?  While required for Licensees and Applicants, it serves as a refresher for all employees of the workplace safety standards that must be followed by all employees and that we all bear a responsibility to call out unsafe practices. 

What Is Covered

Refresher of safe and not so safe practices for working in the trade.

8 ways to take this class:

Industrial Safety

2 CEU hours On Demand


4.8 out of 5.0 185 Reviews

Jim M

always learn something

steven v


David H

Great info!

Anthony L

Bob did a great job of running through each of the courses, stopping to explain any questions that participants had along the way. Well done.

Gulkirat S

Good course.

Miroslav M

very informative


great resource

Umar F

Well organized and useful information!


Best class

Jason S

This course offers a thorough education for those seeking to be NJ professionals. It went through many topics but made them easy to understand.

Anthony M

I still pick up something every time I take your class. Thank you Bob

Marc J

I thought that Bob and the class information he provided was very informative. He is knowledgeable of the subject matter, given his 45 years of experience in the field, and he does his best to give personal experience related to the subject matter, to make it more memorable and relatable with different examples, and sometimes makes it entertaining with videos related to the subjects. As a locksmith, I found the laws & regs class, safety class, ADA, and barrier free class the most relatable to my trade.

Ethan R

The class was informative and detailed. I appreciated it.

Christopher T

Very up to date, valuable information. Complete and thorough. Easy to follow and entertaining.

Peter S

The class was very thorough and at a comfortable pace, very clear presentation and enough time for Q&A. The presenter (Bob) was very knowledgeable and clear during the presentation.

Robert R

very informative and easy to understand.

Yechiel S

Got a lot of knowledge

Barry S

Very informative

Gary K

Good starter course , most of the items were a rehash for me , but I did pick-up a few new things that will be helpful in the future

David Z

Well done course. Very useful and applicable information. Bob's stories and examples did a great job of bolstering the content.

Cesar D

It was a good class, Im glad I took it.

Raymond D

The class was very informative I gathered a lot info

Robert N

Very helpful and educational. Definitely gained some knowledge.

Shimshon S

Lots of Knowledge Great Teacher




Very informative - although I've been in the business for years I definitely learned new things.

john m

This course was very informative

Joseph L

Very infomative


Being on demand is very convenient.

tomer n


William G

Super Educational. I want to start a key cutting and programming business for automotive purposes. Extra keys/duplication seems to be outside the scope for a required license. But, if the programming of a transponder keys seems to be covered under the locksmith license/services. Overall its super informative on the topics. But some areas like (10 hours of required continuing education) but you need 24 hours for the license, so then you have 14 hours left and can use 10 for online training etc, So how do you get the other (4). One point noted 4 hours of barrier free are required, but this course offers the (2). So the mandate is then 2 or 4. Those areas left me confused.

Alex G

Very informative.


The class provided the fundamentals required to conduct security business in NJ and covered all angles!

Artur T

Overall I am verry happy with the course. Each subject was explained clearly and in much detail. Only option that I wish I had was to ask questions as I go, like the live students did - might make sense to add such option in the system. Also, the package may need to be reviewed for repetitive content - seemed like some classes had similar or same slides for certain subjects. Other than that, I am very satisfied, the knowledge I gained was definitely worth the time and money.

Christopher P

It's extremely helpful to have access to all the CEU requirements in 1 bundle. I found the class to be informative and thorough.

michael p

good class

Jacob G

A great learning experience

Shafiq S

I've been taken courses with Mr. Bob for years and as always his knowledge and presentations is very informative with all topics.

Jeffrey N

Bob's classes are always very educational and provide valuable information. I recommend his classes to anyone that needs the CE credits

Wayne W

I have been in the industry for 45 years and I found the classes informative.

Thomas G

Very Good and concise Information. I liked the print out PDF's to take notes along with all of the information.

Doug A

Classes were well put together and very informative. Bob does a great job of conducting these classes.

Teofilo T

very good course broken to you study to

Tom M

It was very informative.

Ronald K

I believe this was a very thorough and comprehensive program

Dominic G

Bob keeps the content as fresh as he can despite presenting some of the same material every three years. I He keeps it interesting

Yoel W


Russ W

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable on all levels of each class. I have been in the industry for over 25 years and i have to say i did learn some facts about fire codes that i did not know. Very pleased with the courses.

Diane N

Great Info., gets you to think and evaluate

Frank H

very informative, poor class discussion, poor class audio

Charles C

Class was very informative on the subject matter

jeff r

I learn something new every time

Bienvenido F

Excellent, a lot of material.

John S

Having this all laid out what is exactly required for license renewal makes keeping up with CEU's so much easier. Class content is on point!

Matthew M

The on demand class made it very easy to complete this course around a busy schedule.

Teofilo T

y good class easy to understand

Todd D

I've been in the electrical engineering profession for more than 30 years and in the security, burglar and fire alarm industry for more than 20 years. Bob's training is outstanding. He has an incredible scope and depth of knowledge and the course was engaging and informative.

Matt B

Like all CEU classes they can be done in half the time.

Angelo P

Straight to the point I like the online convience

Richard P

very informational

mark V

Great training, thanks Bob

Matthew H

Excellent content. Very informative and on demand access made it very convenient.

Michael D

Very informative as always

Timothy M

Bob has always had a real knack for clearly communicating both the letter of the code and the logic behind it. Clearly, he has not lost this over the years.

John M

Excellent review courses with newly updated practical information that we can implement in the field.

Jose G

Great and informative course, Bob always does a good job!

John M

It's good to get a refresher of the Rules and Guidelines, not to mention all the little changes and requirements that are now are responsibility

Brian S

Informative relative to the subject matter, Good attention capturing considering the subject matter's inherent detail, Considering this is mandatory for licensure renewal being able to complete on students own time schedule and save the trip commuting is a big plus. Thanks !

Melkon B

The class overall was in depth and provided a significant amount of information both for legacy and new systems. The content associated with changes was key especially the information for new codes i.e temperature of areas where security video wiring is run and the new codes associated with jacketing for installation in these areas

Harry M

I learned some good points to help my business

Eugene Z

The information followed the course title nicely.

edward f

thank you, eddie

John D

This was an excellent well prepared group of classes that target our industry very well. Extremely helpful to be able to take classes ondemand/online, especially being from NY, driving to the in person classes is very time consuming.

William D

very thorough and enjoyed the videos and photos that illuminate the mistakes that people make.

gino l

alot of very good info thanks

Louis C

Although most of us don't look forward to CEU class it does help refresh our memories, and Bob always keeps it interesting.

Raymond M

very informative and well structured clear presentation and easy to comprehend

Solomon B

To the point!

Curtis J

Very informative, really appreciate the updates and code changes

Joseph M


joseph b


Donald C

Bob does a great job at leaving no stone unturned. This is why we always go to him to make us a better company. Thank You Bob

Paul R

This class has a great content specially the new codes for the smoke placement and was beneficiary for us as we get a lot of calls for the residential certificate of occupancy and need their smokes tested

Thomas P

Bob does a wonderful job. There is no question that he is truly an experienced expert.

Miroslaw G

Lots of useful information.

Martin K

Very informative and helpful

Harold S

really enjoyed learning mainly about fire alarm systems

Inner Security L

Excellent class!

Ilene T

This class was very informative and helpful to me.

Craig D

The class was very complete. There was a bit of duplication at times but other wise good.


It was very detailed


Good review of the material as always. Maybe some quizes would be good to keep us on our toes.


This class was great, as besides reviewing content I have been thru a hundred times, it is updated with new changes in code and thought on various parts of the installation and code process, very very good

Paul G

Good class

William Y

Great refresher for a lot of things and I learned something new in each lesson.

Chris Y

Very informative. The info in this course will be a great resource for field questions on projects. Thanks

John F

The class is well done and methodical. Bob gives real world examples and explains everything in detail. There was some overlap between the Barrier Free Code and the ADA; however the distinctions were also specific. The detail on smoke detection and the changes that have evolved through the years - especially over the last few years was covered very well.

Tom C

class was great

Gary W

Very Informative

David F

The instruction was great. Look forward to more of these.

Roy S

I could not here most of the questions asked during the claasses

Paul D

Informative, succinct… Bob was great

Steven S

Lots of information. Broken down well into its sections.

Frederick E. P

Subject matter was easy to follow and very informative

Armando J

I have taken courses from Bob in the past and he is extremely knowledgeable I would definitely take more classes in the future.

Charles O

The course was a great indept review of all the codes and regulations governing the fire and security industry. It also covered the installation of these systems which I have been away for some time working in the office

Erwin C

This entire series of classes have been very infromative. The instrucor took the time incorporate all the latest code changes and requirements. job well done. Thanks for the insights.

Martin O

The class was very thorough and informative

Vito B

I like that I could take the class at my leisure! All my questions were answered.

David J

These certification classes were great. Very informative and really got down to the nitty gritty. Bob pretty much covers everything we need to know to be good, competent neat installers.

Kenneth T

Very informative and easy to watch

steve k

Convenient and informative

William V

This was a thorough and informative course.

David M

Very informative.

Julio R


John T B

The classes have a good amount of information in them to keep you current with the code changes.

Richard H

I’ve always liked attending Bob’s classes. He is a great instructor.

Thomas B

Bob's classes are always the best way to go when renewing your licenses. He is a wealth of knowledge and his classes cover everything necessary to move forward and succeed.

gary c

Bob is very thorough and clear in all the classes. I would recommend to all.

Ronald C


Angel P

For me this works out Great, because I'm traveling a lot for my job so being able to do online is paramount.

Frank Z

Very informative. Thought I knew everything


Always very informative and interactive

Joseph D

great class

Gregory D

Like always Bob's classes are fantastic

Michael Z

Very informative


As always very good coverage all topics

Mark Z

It was great to freshen up on alot of the fire rules. Plus learned some new things that i did not no

Albert C

Classes were clear and easy to follow. The handouts made it easy to stay on task with the subjects being discussed. I would definitely recommend this package to colleagues who are looking to get their CEUs online.

Keith B

Good to refresher on codes and updates .

Eric S

Very helpful and convenient

Arthur D

Well organized, excellent CEU Program.

Brendan L

Very informative, as I have come to expect.

Thomas H

Bob was great

john p



very clear, you have the ability to hear over the classes, or when it's convenient for you, unbelievable just pleasure. thank you.

delvin l

Very informative

Carl G

The course was pretty interesting. I learned some good info. ALSO: I like the fact that it was self-paced because I had to stop/start multiple times!

Christopher C

Very easy to follow course material and a great tempo by the instructor.

Joseph S

As always Bob does a fantastic job with the subject matter, very professional and to follow along with

Artemio H

This class is fine but it would be nice for NJ to require some different courses not always the same required.

robert h

Very well laid out


I thought it was very informative, and it keeps us updated.

Peter D

The information provided by these classes served to clarify many things that I was uncertain about. In all this class has improved my skills not just executing the tasks intended, but also explaining the tasks and duties required to achieve a successful result to others. I have no doubt that If everyone working in the security field took these courses, the companies that employed them would benefit greatly.

Engin L

Excellent class.

Mike J

Very easy to follow and material was relevant.

Basem s

The Classes are Great

William A P

Very informative and easy to understand

John O


stephen l

As always, informative with clear delivery of contents

Avraham M

very effective and informative

Mike A

Bob has a host of knowledge that brings text information to reality. His experience in the field brings comfort to hands on situations. Very good job Bob.

Victor R

Bob has been always a pleasure in every renewal course ive attended. His Classes has always been up to date with informative information.

Mark H

I really liked the format, the course was packed full of good information

Jerry H

Since Applying and receive my first Fire and Burglary Alarm Licenses on the late 90"s early 2.000's . and all the Renews Strandberg Consulting . I found Bob extremely knowledgeable and easy to listing to. I prefer the lessons given in classroom , But with the present health problems ,it has to do . IN overall getting courses with Bob has been something i was looking forward to .every three years . Thank You . MY RATING FROM 1 TO 5 IS 10 .

Joseph C

very informative

michael s

Very informative and the examples used really help to understand the context

Richard A

Well designed and applicable

Martin D

This course contains a wealth of necessary knowledge for anyone involved with Fire and Security Systems!

John A

Very good class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and added a good amount of useful and practical information/ application.

Mordechay D

Great course!

jaesoon h

This course is very help for my business. I need all application for construction and fee.

Peter R

The program needed some modifications to become user friendly - and to become comparable as a required training platform to many other programs for the alarm industry that have been around for some time.

Stav K

I wish I had access to link and videos to follow along to

Jason P

Website was good and effective. Instructor was informative.

Anthony G

Great job!!!

James F

As always the information is beneficial. I recall some a lot of the information from from past classes but it a good refresh.

Joseph W

The class was very informative. A lot of the items covered may not be 2nd nature or intuitive but once explained make a lot of sense.

David W

Bob is a great instructor

Randy M

Good Info.

Terry W

Thank you

Ricardo S

Thank you for all the information you provided.

Jason E

Class was very Informative

Greg H

good class

Guy P

NJ Regulations and rules that I haven’t known before

Excellent teaching and patient

David L

Very detailed and easy to follow

Dimitry B

I always learn something new- Great information!

vito v l

class was informative and well presented

Mathew G

It was a great refresher on the required classes. It showed me where I need to do better on some of the required documentation and where the license number belongs.

Great class, easy to follow along at your own pace.

Carlos G

About ADA, NJ version Barrier Free and safety

All Good

Eduardo G

good stuff

i liked it

Wayne E

good safety reminders, ADA info

great class

Eric W

Outside of the numerous ways of safety standards, I didn't realize until today. About so many people who have disabilities and qualified as disabled

I wish that the instructor would liven up the class a little more. Besides that one five minute break and a half hour lunch is too short for so long a period.

Henry D

Extremely Infomative

It was great

Robert S

lots of good stuff

great class, great presentation

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