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Required subject for Burglar Alarm Licensees updated for 2022

This course is required for burglar alarm license renewal and also applicable for fire alarm licensees.  We cover applicable sections of the IRC 2018 NJ Edition and NFPA 72 2016 edition 

Code updates and changes from previous editions of National FIre Alarm and Signalling Code

 Fire Alarm Systems and how to use and navigate through NFPA 72 2016 Edition

Code updates and changes from previous editions of the National Electrical Code

This course introduces attendees to the National Electrical Code (NEC) 2020 edition, significant changes from the prior version and applicability to the installation of alarms and electronic security systems.     

Learn how to properly perform an fire alarm inspection and test and complete required documentation

Understanding the importance of doing proper inspections and tests, how to complete required documentation and reporting requirements.

Selecting the right electric lock for your application

This course details when and how to install Strikes, Magnetic Locks and Electrified Locksets taking into account power, voltage drop, standby operation and code requirements as well as lock accessories.

CCTV Basics and Exam Prep 4 of 9

 In this module, we review the basic CCTV elements for the Electronic Security Exam  

Access Control

In this module, we review the access control basics and elements for the Electronic Security Exam 

Required for Burglar Alarm LIcensees TECRF

This satisfies the NJ requirement for burglar alarm licensees to take at least 3 hrs in residential smoke detection before renewal.

Two 2-hr lessons with videos

Detailed review of the math and electronics needed in the electronic security field with examples for fire alarm, burglar alarm and Access Control

Exam Prep module 5

In this module, we review the the math, electrical theory, formulas and practical application commonly used in the trade.  We review series and parallel circuits, combining multiple resistors, voltage drop and battery calculations and more. 

Exam Prep module 7

We review the Basic Burglar Alarm elements you will be tested on.

Understand the purpose, execution and verification of wire, voltage drop, battery and power supply calculations as used in all electronic security systems and review the math required to accomplish these tasks.  Laptops or calculators are helpful but not required of attendees.