Exam Prep Courses

The exam prep classes are specifically designed to help you pass the exams you will take.  Each license has three exams: the trade portion (Burglar, Fire or Locksmith), Electronic Security Exam and the Business and Law Exam.  Each exam is 2 1/2 long and preparation is key to passing.




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Prepare attendees to take the CT electrical License Exams

CCTV Basics and Exam Prep 4 of 9

 In this module, we review the basic CCTV elements for the Electronic Security Exam  

Access Control

In this module, we review the access control basics and elements for the Electronic Security Exam 

Resi Smoke Course 3 hr 2016

Learn about requirements for smoke detection systems in one and two family homes.  These requirements come from NFPA 72, Fire Alarm and Signaling Code,  The National Electrical Code, the International Residential Code,  NJ Rehab Sub-Code and more.  You'll learn to differentiate between Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors and why that is so important to code compliance.  This course is packed full of information to help you get it right the first time when you are out in the field or selling to your customer.

Required for Burglar Alarm LIcensees TECRF

This satisfies the NJ requirement for burglar alarm licensees to take at least 3 hrs in residential smoke detection before renewal.

Exam Prep module 5

In this module, we review the the math, electrical theory, formulas and practical application commonly used in the trade.  We review series and parallel circuits, combining multiple resistors, voltage drop and battery calculations and more. 

Exam Prep module 7

We review the Basic Burglar Alarm elements you will be tested on.

Law Module Exam Prep

Overview of the NJ Laws and Rules of the Trade.  Review the material the Business and Law Exam is based on material used to create the exam.

Exam Prep module 6

Understand how to apply the NEC to electronic security systems installations

Fire Alarm Basics and Exam Prep Module 8

We review Fire Alarm Basics and how to apply NFPA 72 requirements

Exam Prep Module 9

Test your knowledge, self assess your knowledge and determine which areas you may need additional study on.