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Overview of the NJ License application process. Step by step process.

Learn what you need to do to obtain your NJ Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm or Locksmith license.  This course is an overview of the process.

Selecting the right electric lock for your application

This course details when and how to install Strikes, Magnetic Locks and Electrified Locksets taking into account power, voltage drop, standby operation and code requirements as well as lock accessories.

Find out about Getting assistance with your NJ Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm or Locksmith application

Find out if you need or want assistance completing you NJ license application

Detaile course on the NJ laws and Rules affecting the Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Trades

This five hour course covers all details of requirements that individual licensees and business alike need to know in order to comply with the licensing laws and regulations and related laws and regulations.

What Businesses must do to comply with licensing Laws and Rules

In this course, we review the requirements and application process for individual and business licenses.  We review relevant NJ laws and regulations that apply to installation, service, maintenance and monitoring of alarm systems, electronic security systems and locks. You will learn when you need to get permits and when they are not required.  You will also learn how to comply with advertising requirements. 

Understanding how to value your business and identifying how you can make it worth more

This Course will help business owners to transform from "working in your business" to "working on your business".  You will learn the Who, What, Where, When and Why of  due diligence and why you need to do Due Diligence NOW on your company.  You will learn what things a buyer will look at and how important they are to YOUR BOTTOM LINE!  Savvy company owners take this course because they know that when it is time to sell, they will have had years to be sure everything they are doing will result in maximum value for them or their heirs.    
If you would like your business to run more efficiently, be better organized, lose fewer customers, earn greater profits or if you want to plan an exit strategy, this course is for you.  Isn't it time to end the insanity? (Insanity: doing the same things and expecting different results.)  Make a decision to start running your business like a business.  It starts with this course.

You write your own plan with guidance and assistance from our expert

Write your own business plan and get CEU credits too, with expert help along the way.  Be prepared to spend many days working on writing your plan on your own and several one-on-one review sessions with our expert along the way.  The one-on-one session are via zoom.  In person assistance is also available at additional cost.

How to create a winning business plan

This course introduces  attendees to business planning and creation of a business plan.  We review the purpose(s) of a business plan and the elements that make up the complete plan.  We will also review sample business plans and critique them. 

Introduction to business process improvement

We teach you how to think differently and provide you tools to evaluate your business and make improvements that will last.  We help you map out a strategy for continuous improvement and identifying priorities for what needs change

Understand the purpose, execution and verification of wire, voltage drop, battery and power supply calculations as used in all electronic security systems and review the math required to accomplish these tasks.  Laptops or calculators are helpful but not required of attendees. 

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